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bellesebastian's Journal

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Belle And Sebastian
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A community for fans of the great Scottish indie folk-pop band, Belle And Sebastian!

Created by evenpr, now adopted by comeonbringit.

This community is for B&S news and related stuff. This community is not, I repeat NOT, a place where you can ask people to send you widely available songs for free. This means songs on albums and EPs. If you are that desperate to hear them, I am sure you can buy it. The internet is your friend, there are many many online retailers happy to provide you with Belle and Sebastian musical marvellousness.

Be nice to each other :)

One of these days I am going to get round to tagging all the entries, and I will put up a list of the most common tags here.
369 seconds of light, a century of elvis, a century of fakers, a space boy dream, a summer wasting, asleep on a sunbeam, beautiful, belle & sebastian, belle and sebastian, beyond the sunrise, big john shaft, black and white unite, chickfactor, class rank, conan early letterman, consuelo, consuelo leaving, dear catastrophe waitress, desperation-made-a-fool-of-me, dirty dream number two, dog on wheels, don't-leave-the-light-on-baby, ease-your-feet-in-the-sea, electronic renaissance, expectations, family tree, fiction, fiction reprise, fold your hands child, freak, fuck this shit, get-me-away-from-here-i'm-dying, i could be dreaming, i don't love anyone, i love my car, i'm a cuckoo, i'm-waking-up-to-us, i-don't-want-to-play-football, i-know-where-the-summer-goes, if she wants me, if you're feeling sinister, if-you-find-yourself-caught-in-love, indie, indie boys, indie girls, indie music, irn bru, is-it-wicked-not-to-care, it-could-have-been-a-brilliant-career, jersey's where it's at, johnathan david, judy is a dick-slap, judy-and-the-dream-of-horses, lazy line painter jane, le-pastie-de-la-bourgoisie, legal man, like-dylan-in-the-movies, lord anthony, love on the march, mandingo cliche, marx and engels, mary jo, mayfly, me and the major, my-wandering-days-are-over, nice-day-for-a-sulk, night walk, photo jenny, piazza new york catcher, put-the-book-back-on-the-shelf, roy walker, scotland, seeing other people, seymour stein, she's losing it, simple things, sleep the clock around, slow graffiti, stay loose, step into my office-baby, stop look and listen, storytelling, string bean jean, take-your-carriage-clock-and-shove-it, the chalet lines, the gate, the model, the rollercoaster ride, the wrong girl, the-boy-done-wrong-again, the-boy-with-the-arab-strap, the-fox-in-the-snow, the-loneliness-of-the middle-distance-runner, the-stars-of-track-and-field, there's too much love, this-is-just-a-modern-rock-song, tigermilk, toby dialogue, waiting-for-the-moon-to-rise, wandering alone, we rule the school, winter wooskie, women's realm, wrapped up in books, you don’t send me, you're just a baby, you-made-me-forget-my-dreams

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